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The Payeezy Payment Plugin can be used a normal credit card processor.  If your merchant account has Transarmor Tokenization, it send the customer's credit card directly to First Data instead of your server, thereby reducing your exposure to PCI.  The only information your server will ever see is the token representing the customer's card.



To set up the plugin, first install it like any other NopCommerce plugin.  You can use a different merchant account for every store on your site or you can set one default merchant account and have it be used for each store.  The plugin comes preconfigured with a sandbox account:

Store:  Change which store to configure.  The Default Store Settings will apply to any store that doesn't have it's own unique values.

Transaction Mode:  Authorize means the payment is only authorized and not captured immediately.  The store admin must Capture the payment on the order details screen.

Merchant Token/JS Token:  These will be provided by BitShift Web Solutions after you purchase the license and register your merchant account with First Data.

Transarmor Token: Your 4 character transarmor token.  If you don't put anything here, the plugin will take in the credit card number and process it when the order is confirmed by the customer.

Validate tokens immediately: If checked, the card will be validated on the payment form.  Otherwise the token is verified as a valid card when the order is confirmed.

Additional fee / percentage: Optional


Saved Cards

If you use Transarmor, your customers can choose to save their card details on your site to speed up future purchases.  Make sure to go to Widgets and enable the Payeezy widget.  This will add a menu item to the customer's account page where they can enter new cards or delete existing ones.  Only the card's token value is stored on your site.  The actual card details are secured on the Payeezy servers.