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TransArmor Tokenization is a service provided by FirstData that allows you to store a credit card on FirstData's servers.  When a transaction is processed, FirstData will return a token representing the card.  The payment plugin can save this token and submit it instead of the card info on future transactions.  This enables two key features that have been added to the plugin:  card saving and recurring transactions.

If card saving is enabled in the plugin, any time a customer makes a purchase on your site, their info will be saved in the database along with the token instead of their card number.  On subsequent purchases, the customer will see their saved cards and have the option to use one instead of entering in new info.

Recurring billing can also be enabled.  The card info will be saved and the store owner can processes recurring transactions manually.  Automatic recurring transactions will still not be possible until FirstData adds them to the API.  Both options require TransArmor Tokenization to be enabled in the FirstData merchant account admin screen as seen below:

If you are using the demo version of First Data, you can make up any 4 digit token to test out the new features.  Your production account will require a specific 4 digit code that will be provided to you by First Data.

First Data requires 4 distinct pieces of info to accept transactions from your store: Gateway ID, Password, Key ID, and HMAC.

If you are testing out the plugin, the first step is to register for a demo account with First Data here

Once you are in, click Administration at the top right, then Terminals.  Select the Terminal with ECOMM in the name.


In the middle of this form, you will see Password.  You might have to click Generate to get one.  This is the password field for the plugin and the Gateway ID is here, too. It's important to note that the Password is separate from the username/password you used to log in.

Click on the API Access tab and generate a new HMAC Key.  The Key ID is on this page, also.  Click Update at the bottom to save the HMAC.

You'll have to do it again if you are using the Production version.  The demo info will only work in Sandbox mode and the Production info will only work if Sandbox is turned off.

If you have any other questions don't hesitate to use the contact form.