First Data/Payeezy Payment Pages

Payment Pages support has been added to the First Data/Payeezy plugin.  Payment Pages live on First Data's servers and are loaded on your store via an iframe.  The upside is that the customer's credit card information never touches your site so you aren't exposed to PCI concerns.  The only downside is you have a little less control over how the form looks.  The other caveat is that the customer's card is Authorized for the order amount when they enter their info and then Captured once they submit the order.  

If you select Hosted Payment Page as your Transaction Mode, you'll need to enter 3 additional fields:  Payment Page ID, Transaction Key, and Response Key.  The image below shows where to find those values in the Payeezy portal.


You can use the Customize Form and Appearance tabs within the Payeezy Portal to tailor the form to your tastes.  The billing address from Nop will be prepopulated on the payment form.  Keep in mind that the Hosted Payment Page option is a Store Setting which means each store in Nop can use a different payment page or you can mix which stores use Payment Pages and which collect credit card information directly.  

The Hosted Payment Page feature is available in NopCommerce versions 3.8, 3.9, and 4.0.  Use the contact form if you have any additional questions.

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